I'm expecting! My husband and I could not be more excited!

I'm currently 19 weeks along and feeling great! The first few months were a little rough, but I survived.

As a way of celebrating the good news, I'm sharing some FREE baby and pregnancy themed clipart. These graphics feature a pregnancy test, pacifier, bottle, and diaper. The images are free for personal use, so get creative! Use them in planner stickers, invitations, announcements, or anything else you'd like!

Check out the freebie page for the download link!

Free Personal Use Baby and Pregnancy Clipart

As an accompaniment to the free clipart, I also just uploaded a YouTube video that shows you step by step how to turn the included sketches into the final graphics! If you were ever wondering how to turn your sketches into vector clipart in Adobe Illustrator, this is a great opportunity to learn by following along.

If you don't have Illustrator, check out Inkscape! It's a free and open source vector graphics editor similar to Illustrator.


I hope you enjoy the free clipart and video!


...and if you're a mom, let me know some of your biggest tips for parenthood in the comments below! I'd love to hear! :)