I love my bullet journal.

Seriously, I don't know how I ever lived without it. My organizational skills and productivity have been through the roof ever since I started using the system about 2 years ago. If you are a small business owner like myself and have never heard of the bullet journal system, I would 100% recommend you go check out the official website and see if it's something that could benefit you.

In celebration of recent business growth, and of reaching 500 subscribers on my YouTube channel, I've decided to share 500 bullet journal ideas to help you live a more fulfilled and productive life!

This first episode features 90 Mini Icons and is available via video format.

As mentioned in the video, this sheet is available for download in the freebies section of my website! Be sure to download and print it out yourself to use as reference!

In the next episode, I'll be sharing 10 Font Ideas for your bullet journal!