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My Current Doll Projects
I've been itching to make progress on my dolls lately, so I figured it would be good to introduce everyone to my current dolls and projects! Monster High, Azone and Obitsu, Dal, and more!
Plant Fiber Comparison for Doll Wigs
One my absolute favorite activities in the doll hobby is wig making. Have you tried using Ramie, Tencel, Ingeo, Rose, or Soybean fiber? Here's a comparison of some different plant fibers you can use!
Azone/Obitsu Hybrid Skin Color and Size Comparison
Look no further! Here's the ultimate guide to Azone/Obitsu skin color and size comparisons.
How to Mod an Obitsu Head onto an Azone Body
The neck hole of an Obitsu 21 cm Female Head is too small to fit onto an Azone Pure Neemo Flection body! Here's what you need to do to make them compatible!
Xaga Doll May Box Opening - Ball Jointed Doll
After a long, highly anticipated wait, my first ball jointed doll has arrived! For those of you unfamiliar with ball jointed dolls (BJDs), these figures are highly collectible pieces of art, hand sculpted by artists and cast in smooth resin.